​We provide some of the best performing and most reliable rental equipment in the industry. We believe when you travel you should dive with confidence because you never know what you are going to get at dive shops around the world. All of our equipment has been serviced within the past year. We inspect and test every item before it leaves the shop for your next dive adventure. 

 Item                           Daily Price       Weekly Price 
 Regulator                 $15.00              $62.50
 Wetsuit                     $15.00              $50
 BCD                          $15.00              $62.50
 Tank                         $15                    NA

 Computer                $10                    $50

 (Air Intregrated)      $15                    $100

 Regulator, BC, Computer - For students taking a course with us - $30
 Dry Suit w/ Undersuit - $200.00 Per Day

If you decide you want to buy your own gear after your rental we will provide you with a 100% rental credit towards purchase of that item new.