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Actively Green

Beaver Divers recognizes that our business plays a vital role in sustaining the aquatic environment.

Achieve sustainable environmental practices.
Comply fully with all environmental laws and regulations.
Minimize our use of energy, water and resources.
Minimize the amount of pollution and hazardous materials.
Educate our clients and staff about the aquatic environment.
Invite our customers & suppliers to participate in our efforts to be sustainable.
Provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our environmental objectives
Communicate our policies and practices to our employees, clients & public.
Monitor and record our environmental performance relative to our policies, objectives and goals
Continue our commitment to our goals. Then evaluating our position.

Do No Harm

+ Dive Neutral Buoyant - Have Control of your Buoyancy - Stay off the bottom!

+ Be one with the aquatic environment - Enjoy the aquatic life - Don't harass it!

+ Leave No Trace

+ Observe the aquatic life - Let it be!

+ Take underwater pictures responsibly - Be respectful of the life that you are filming & the life that is around you.

+ Use an eco-friendly travel operation

+ Use rechargeable batteries for your camera and lights + Use Biodegradable sunscreen like " Reef Safe " or use rash guards, skin suits or thin wet suits instead.