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Service and Repairs

Routine maintenance is vital in all life support equipment. Industry standards require having your SCUBA equipment checked or serviced once a year or after 100 dives. The last thing we want is for your equipment to fail especially when you are traveling. Our certified technicians provide repair and maintenance on all Scuba equipment.

  • Regulator servicing - Please allow 1-2 weeks for Scubapro regulators and 3-4 weeks for non Scubapro equipment
  • Tank Inspections, fills and o2 cleaning
  • BC Repair/cleaning
  • Computer Battery Changes - Please allow 3-4 weeks for older Scubapro models
  • Wetsuit/Drysuit Repairs
  • Regulator Testing and adjustments

Equipment Rental Rates

We proudly feature premium SCUBAPRO equipment in our rentals.
Daily Rental

Buoyancy Compensation Device $15
Regulator $15
Air Integrated Computer-$20
Non-Air Integrated Computer-$10
Wetsuit $15
Drysuit $200
Pony tank System (pony tank, pony bracket, regulator/transmitter) $50
Tank $25
Weights $1 a lb
Mask $10
Fins $15
Snorkel $5

Professional Dive Services

We offer professional solutions to underwater problems for our clients. Beaver Divers is uniquely qualified to perform professional services in most any underwater environment. With over 30 years of experience and past projects that include tasks such as: 

Location of submerged structure or object
Cleaning irrigation intakes

Beaver Divers is ready to help with your next unique underwater project! Feel free to contact us if you would like an estimate. 


Beaver Divers helped this client locate and clean an irrigation intake, then install material to help prevent clogging.

Avalanche Canister Fills

We are a proud official fill station of BCA and Mammut/Snowpulse avalanche canisters. With the growing popularity of backcountry skiing/riding comes increased risks and dangers. Being centrally located within some of the best backcountry skiing/riding on the planet we are happy to provide avalanche canister fills and services. 

What you get:

- Canister fills to recommended PSI specifications
- O-rings or burst disk replacement
- Re-lubrication
- Leak test