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Scubapro Hybrid Thermal LS Top Mens

Manufacturer #:65.331.200, 65.331.300, 65.331.400, 65.331.500, 65.331.600, 65.331.700
Sku:65.331.200, 65.331.300, 65.331.400, 65.331.500, 65.331.600, 65.331.700

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Stay Warm and Protected with SCUBAPRO's New Hybrid Thermal Top


For 2017, SCUBAPRO has updated its popular HYBRIDline. Built with a mix of quality 1mm X-Foam neoprene for warmth and durable nylon for stretch and comfort, this family of blended garments is certainly unique. Stylish and perfect for any condition, wear them alone or underneath a wetsuit for added warmth.

The HYBRID line includes a long sleeve thermal top, cargo shorts, cargo pants and a sleeveless hooded vest. Each is stylish, fun to wear, plus they really deliver the goods when it comes to thermal protection.

The HYBRID thermal top is a long sleeve design that features smooth-skin 1mm neoprene in the torso area and high-stretch nylon material on the sides, sleeves and collar. On the underside of the nylon panels a microplush interior makes the top warm and cozy. This fleece fabric absorbs less water, which keeps heat against the body, increasing overall warmth. It also dries quickly.

This stylish warmer can be worn by itself or as a thermal under-layer beneath a traditional wetsuit. It can also act as a barrier to the sun's rays when snorkeling or swimming.

Technical Information

  • Built with 1mm X-Foam neoprene for warmth and durable nylon for stretch and comfort.
  • Highly versatile - ideal for divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers and other water enthusiasts too.
  • Unique styling keeps you warm, protected and looking good.
  • Form-fitting for that sleek hydrodynamic look and feel.
  • Super-comfortable and fun to wear.
  • Cozy, soft lining enhances comfort even more.
  • Sizes: 6 (S-3XL).

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