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SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F Auto UW Photo Video Light HEAD

Bring colors back to your underwater pictures and footage with the SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F. This light emits a warm 5000K color temperature and 80CRI that mimics natural light. This means brighter, more colorful images. For easy shooting, the SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F light features an auto-brightness technology that chooses the right output level for you. Simply aim the light at your object and the flash will dim to 300 lumens (close subjects) or light up everything with 3000 lumens (far subjects). The Sea Dragon 3000F also features flash-detect, which shuts off the light for one second when a strobe fires. Attach the light to your underwater camera with the included mounting tray. Need to illuminate a crevice? A quick-release button lets you quickly detach and flex the light. Other features include five light modes, emergency mode, flash detect, and auto-brightness.

  • Produces 3000 lumens in an even 120° wide beam
  • Light sources include 1x COB LED array, 2x Cree XP-E red LED's
  • Brightness levels vary between 100%, 50%, 25% and auto
  • Choose between automatic or constant light modes
  • Light lasts 60 minutes when running at 100%
  • Auto Flash Detect Mode turns off the light for 1 second when an external flash is detected
  • Auto Flash Detection helps eliminate undesirable shadows, color shifts or backscatter
  • 80CRI (Color Rendering Index) mimics natural light
  • Depth-rated to 330 ft (100 m)
  • Mounting tray with universal 1/4 20 screw fits all SeaLife cameras and other brands
  • Corrosion-proof metal light head offers exceptional durability