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Scubapro UPF 50 Mens Steamers

Full-Body Protection in the Water and Out

When it comes to protection from the elements, SCUBAPRO divers expect the best. That's why the new UPF Collection is tailored for higher expectations; with the long-lasting performance you trust, and details that demand attention.

Where individuality and high performance meet, the UPF Collection of rash guards, leggings, bikini cut shorties, steamers and loose fit tops are engineered for performance, and designed to make a statement.

The new STEAMER is a part of the UPF Collection. Providing head-to-toe protection from stings and skin abrasion while at depth, and from the sun (UPF 50) while on the surface, the stylish STEAMER is made from high quality nylon and is designed to fit snug, creating a sleek profile in the water and a form-fitting look on shore. It features convenient thumb loops and foot stirrups for easy donning and to prevent ride-up when worn under a wetsuit. Used as an under-layer or by itself, the stylish STEAMER protects while ensuring that you always look good.

Designed to perform, worn to be different, with the newSTEAMER and the entire UPF Collection, seriously high performing dive wear just got a whole lot more fun.

Technical Information

  • UPF 50 rating blocks 98% of UV radiation.
  • Stylish skin protection increases comfort during warm water dives and surface fun.
  • Made from high quality nylon fabric.
  • Highly versatile - ideal for divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers and other water enthusiasts too.
  • Comfortable full body protection for diving, snorkeling or swimming.
  • YKK back zipper increases comfort when worn alone or under a suit.
  • High neck to decrease chafing from other gear.
  • Form-fitting for that sleek hydrodynamic look and feel.
  • Foot stirrups and thumb loops offer easy donning.
  • In a choice of two color combinations. Sizes: 6 (S-3XL).

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Understanding UV Ratings

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and SPF (Sun Protection Factor) are both standards used to measure the effects of the sun on your skin. However, they employ different approaches.

  • SPF ratings are indications of the level of skin reddening; they are used primarily to measure the protective qualities of sunscreen.
  • UPF ratings measure the amount of UV radiation that a fabric blocks. For example, a garment with a rating of UPF 50 means that the garment blocks 98% of UV radiation.
  • UPF ratings above 50 are considered to be in the "Excellent" Protection Category.  All of SCUBAPRO's UPF collection are rated UPF 50, except for the top-of-the line T-Flex which is rated UPF 80, the highest protection rating available in the industry.