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Scubapro Infrared Interface (IRDA)

Manufacturer #:05.050.001

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Provides an Infrared connectivity solution for PCs not equipped with built-in devices to allow you to transfer information from your SCUBAPRO and UWATEC computer to SmartTRAK/LogTRAK.

The UWATEC USB Infrared Device enables data transfer between the following SCUBAPRO and UWATEC computers and SmartTRAK/LogTRAK:

  • Aladin One, Aladin Prime, Aladin TEC, Aladin TEC 2G, Aladin 2G, Aladin SPORT, Aladin TEC-3G, Aladin TEC-3H.
  • Galileo SOL, Galileo TERRA, Galileo LUNA.
  • Smart Pro, Smart COM, Smart TEC, Smart Z.



Windows platforms (98, 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7).Drivers Supplied with device.

Windows 8. Download drivers from this page.

Windows 10:

1. Please ensure all previous versions of the Windows driver have been uninstalled.

2. Please ensure that at least version 1511 (plus April 2016 updates) of Window 10 is installed on your PC.

3. Connect your IRDA device to your PC, the driver is automatically retrieved & installed by Windows 10 when the device is used for the first time.

4. In order to enable IrDA communication on a Windows 10 PC, follow the procedure outlined here - - this enabling procedure must be carried out in admin profile.

Technical Information

Update on Windows 10

Ever since the release of Windows 10, owners of SCUBAPRO's Galileo, Smart and Aladin/XP (round series) dive computers who upgraded to Windows 10 haven't been able to download their dives or adjust their dive computer settings using their PCs and either SmartTRAK or LogTRAK.

Here is the fix to this IrDA issue:

(Please refer to the following Microsoft link: to find more information on the sequence for enabling IrDA networking on a Windows 10 PC.)


• To enable IrDA networking, the PC must be updated toWindows 10, Version 1511.

• If the PC runs under an earlier version, please use Microsoft Windows Updates to download and install the latest Windows 10 updates.

• Microsoft's procedure has to be run under an Admin user profile.

According to Microsoft, the user has to "open an elevated Command Prompt window" first. To do so:

1.   Click on Start menu.

2.   From the menu, click on "Run." It is located on the upper right part of the menu screen.

3.   A pop-up window will open. In the "Open" field, type cmdand click the "OK" button.

4.  The "elevated Command Prompt window" opens.

5.  From that point, you just have to follow the procedure.


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